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From Va-Beach/Chesapeake Area:

Merge onto I-64 E/Hampton Roads Belt toward Suffolk.

Merge onto I-664 N/Hampton Roads Belt via EXIT 299B on the left toward
US-13/Suffolk/US-58/Newport News/US-460/Richmond.

Merge onto VA-164 W via EXIT 9A toward US-17 N/James River Br.

Turn slight right onto US-17 N/Bridge Rd. Continue to follow US-17 N.

Continue to 14170 Carrollton Blvd on Left

From Williamsburg/Newport news Area:

Take 64E towards Newport News

Merge onto Jefferson Ave/VA-143 E via EXIT 255A

Turn slight right onto W Mercury Blvd/US-17 S/US-258 S. Continue to follow US-17 S

Continue to 15111-A Carrollton Blvd on Left