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The Consignment benefit to you:

  • We advertise on national trailer websites
  • We create a large photo portfolio
  • We respond to email, phone calls, etc.
  • We have daily traffic to our store and we meet with and deal with customers. That eliminates you having to deal with strangers at your home, barn, etc.
  • We provide Bank financing which attributes to much of our success. Most people can make a down payment and monthly payments but cannot write a check for the whole amount.
  • We can furnish references. We are successful at selling used trailers.

Your big question—What will this cost me?
We charge $129 up front for initial inspection, cleaning and listing.

  • We collect 10% commission on the sale price (final sale price is approved by the seller)
  • We check all wheels, brakes, lights, batteries, ect.–No charge
  • If we find problems we notify you–you make the call- sell “as is” with full disclosure or we fix it at your cost.
  • You agree to leave the trailer a minimum of 6 weeks.
  • We require a copy of registration, title and a signed consignment agreement.
  • If you remove your trailer prior to the expiration of the consignment agreement there will be a charge of $200.00 to cover our investment in advertising, photography, inspections, and clean-up. This charge does not apply to trailers sold, or consignment agreements that expire.

This can be a mutually beneficial arrangement.
Trailer Country has been very successful with used trailers most of which were consignments.

To view our consignment program click here! (PDF format)
You can sell your trailer without the hassle of marketing and the associated cost. Trailer Country can make a commission without the investment of the trailer.
If you have questions or would like to take advantage of this equally beneficial plan please contact us at 757-630-8664.

Call today to schedule your appointment! 757-630-8664